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“If there was a way to give Richard Rieman five stars, I’d give him 10. If you are fortunate to have Richard on your audio book team, you won’t be sorry! He will bring life to your characters…with passion, heart and skill.”
Nancy Sprowell Geise,  Author of “Auschwitz 34207 – The Joe Rubinstein Story” and “The Eighth Sea”

You are in the right place if you are:

Featured Narrator in AudioBook Reviewer:abr-headerI’ve been a pirate, a cowboy, a bootlegger, six aliens, two monsters, a world famous balloon pilot, and a B-17 bomber pilot shot down in WWII. I’ve traveled to other times, dimensions, mysterious islands and haunted houses. I’ve helped you sell stuff on eBay and self-publish your Kindle book.

I’m Richard Rieman, and I am a narrator for the World’s Largest Independent Producer of #Audiobooks – Deyan Audio, and an Audible Approved audiobook narrator of dozens of audiobooks. I’m a performer in the theater of the mind.

AuthorsGuideCover_sm I’ve been a professional writer since I was seven. I discovered that if I wrote stories that included my 2nd grade classmates names (on a ruled piece of paper, both sides, in pencil), they would give me 5 cents to read them. Bingo! Comic book money.

Now, when I narrate an audiobook, I quietly tell you in your headphones:
Listen to me, I have something important-interesting-dramatic-funny-entertaining-wonderful to tell you!


Video Preview of The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation

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